Image (3/4) Frijke Coumans

How do you think the image relates to these 3 keywords: Identity, Dialogues and Europe.

This photo was made in a castle in Italy. For me it raises many questions about our European identity. The glittery pillowcase envelops what only serves as stuffing. The flag stripped of all its meaning serves exclusively as an aesthetic object.

Is our European identity rooted deeper than our appearance? The Union Jack, keychains of the Eifel Tower and Italian pizzas are the figureheads of Western culture. But as a European, do I feel connected to the culture of Serbia, Belarus and Lithuania? Is there anything that connects me to European countries if I don’t cross the open borders?

Dialogue arises in sharing questions. Do we need to delve more into our nearby regions, which go beyond what is already being presented to us? Do we need to strengthen our European identity or is the strength in our individuality?

 About Frijke Coumans:

Frijke Coumans is a photographer working and living in Nijmegen(NL). She is intrigued by the difficult relation between the desire for control and balance, and the desire for chaos and irrationality. She finds these seemingly contradictory desires strikingly present in everyday life.


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