Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc Gestión Cultural is a company dedicated to the design, creation and production of all kinds of cultural and touristic products and services.

© Ad Hoc, BFestival

© Ad Hoc, BFestival

Led by Marta Fernández, Ad Hoc has a wide experience in the realisation of all kinds of projects to measure, where the quality, the creativity and the commitment are their signs of identity. 


Ad Hoc supports the sustainable development of the communities by carrying out projects with social organisations and collaborating with social economy entities as well as participating in European projects of formation and exchange of good practices whose objectives are to improve the quality of life of local communities to through art and culture.

© Katerina Buil

© Katerina Buil

Ad Hoc Gestión Cultural is responsible for:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the project throughout 

    • Gathering data on audience engagement throughout, 
    • Studying impact of the project 

    • Handling and advising of arisen issues 

  • Coordination of the exhibition project
  • Organisation of the second intermediate meeting
  • The implementation of the exhibition project in partner countries
  • Contributing to the promotion of intercultural dialogue through photography

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