Ana Amado wins the Open Call!

The audience has voted for their favourite photo: ‘Fraternal socialist kiss between Lyudmila Brezhnev and Erica Honecker. 1979’ by Ana Amado. The jury pre-selected it among the finalists for its powerful recreation of a historical moment to point out the yet present imbalance between men and women when we speak of leadership positions. The imageContinua a leggere “Ana Amado wins the Open Call!”

We received more than 800 submissions to the open call!

  The open call ended yesterday at 23.59 CET time. We have received more than 800 submissions, thank you all for sharing your stories. The Jury, formed by the four partner organisations, will pre-select 4 images and post them on the Instagram account of the project on November 25th. The audience will choose the winnerContinua a leggere “We received more than 800 submissions to the open call!”

2 more days to participate in the open call!

In less than 2 days the call will close and we encourage all young photographers out there to participate! We have received more than 650 images already from across all Europe, images of all kinds of styles: portraits, landscape, still lives, documentary series and much more. Have a look to some of them to getContinua a leggere “2 more days to participate in the open call!”

Announcing | Artist Residencies

We are proud to announce that the RIO Project has organized a residency program in Copenhagen, during the Copenhagen Photo Festival. The participating photographers are Martin Thaulow, Filippo Venturi, Katerina Buil, and NOOR photographer Andrea Bruce. The residency is an opportunity for the participating photographers to meet other photographers participating in the RIO Project, asContinua a leggere “Announcing | Artist Residencies”

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