SI FEST – Municipality of Savignano sul Rubicone


The municipality of Savignano sul RubiconeSI FEST is responsible for:

  • Continuously defining roles and responsibilities of all partners

  • Coordination and development of all the activities

  • The hosting of multiple meetings and conferences throughout the 24 months

  • Implementation of communication and administrative strategies in order to maintain constant dialogue and monitoring between partner organisations and participating institutions

  • Ensuring proper financial management, meeting the criteria of the Creative Europe programme

  • Monitoring the effective financial implementation of the activities both at national and transnational level

  • Monitoring of progress and collection of final insights

  • The development of an innovative sector & educational approach

  • Defining a shared methodology for participating in the activities that will be followed by all the subjects involved in the project

  • The creation of an artistic committee able to monitor the proper development of each stage of the project

  • Organisation of transnational artists’ residencies for foreign photographers with the purpose of encouraging a transnational sharing of knowledge and skills

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