Copenhagen Photo Festival was launched in 2010 and has grown to become the biggest annual photo festival of Scandinavia.

© Simon Skipper, 2017

© Simon Skipper, 2017

In 2018 the festival had almost 55.000 visitors and the programme consisted of 56 exhibitions in 45 different institutions.  

Copenhagen Photo Festival, 2015

Copenhagen Photo Festival, 2015

Every year 250 international photographers and lens based visual artists contribute to the festival programme. The 11-day festival in June explores photography through exhibitions, workshops, seminars, portfolio reviews and more. Copenhagen Photo Festival’s vision is to strengthen the consideration of photography as a form of expression.

 The Copenhagen Photo Festival is responsible for: 

  • Organisation of transnational artists’ residencies for foreign photographers with the purpose of encouraging a transnational sharing of knowledge and skills

  • Promotion of transnational mobility of cultural players (professional, young and amateurs photographers)

  • To spread the knowledge of photographic techniques among students of schools, universities, and academies, but also among immigrants, refugees, and foreigners
  • To stimulate the participation of students of schools, universities, and academies, as well as that of the international communities living in the country, immigrants, and recently arrived refugees

  • Consolidation and improvement of knowledge and skills of the photographers (professional, young  and amateur photographers), and to increase the visibility of their works in all Europe

  • Encouraging dialogue between different cultures through the language of images

  • To inspire local communities and promote local heritage 

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