Ana Amado wins the Open Call!

The audience has voted for their favourite photo: ‘Fraternal socialist kiss between Lyudmila Brezhnev and Erica Honecker. 1979’ by Ana Amado. The jury pre-selected it among the finalists for its powerful recreation of a historical moment to point out the yet present imbalance between men and women when we speak of leadership positions. The imageContinua a leggere “Ana Amado wins the Open Call!”

Image (1/4) by Ana Amado

© Ana Amado Project title: “Lideresas (Female Leaders)” project by Ana Amado (2018-19) The enormous inequality between men and women, specially in positions of responsibility and leadership, remains overwhelming. Great strides have been made, but much remains to be done. This imbalance becomes even more evident in the older women, especially those over 65, theContinua a leggere “Image (1/4) by Ana Amado”

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