These weeks’ sneak peeks: Home, connection, strength

As we are fast approaching the opening of the #identitydialogueseurope exhibition, we are excited to present works by some of the photographers and visual artists represented in the coming exhibition. These past two weeks, we have highlighted works from four different authors in our social media sites. Now we want to dig deeper and open a reflectionContinua a leggere “These weeks’ sneak peeks: Home, connection, strength”

Reflections on European History and Actuality

Reflections on European history and actuality related to the reconstruction of European identity, based on photographer’s submissions for the Identity Dialogues Europe project.   What comes to your mind when you think about Europe? Do you perceive it as a continent bonded through common struggles and traditions? Or maybe as a land of opportunity forContinua a leggere “Reflections on European History and Actuality”

Open Call #IdentityDialoguesEurope

What defines what Europe is? What makes someone or something European? The partners of the project will launch an open call during SI-FEST to invite every local or newcomer European citizen to explore the concept of Identity, Dialogue and Europe through visual storytelling on social media. Keep an eye on the blog because very soonContinua a leggere “Open Call #IdentityDialoguesEurope”

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