Reflections on European History and Actuality

Reflections on European history and actuality related to the reconstruction of European identity, based on photographer’s submissions for the Identity Dialogues Europe project.   What comes to your mind when you think about Europe? Do you perceive it as a continent bonded through common struggles and traditions? Or maybe as a land of opportunity forContinua a leggere “Reflections on European History and Actuality”

Ana Amado wins the Open Call!

The audience has voted for their favourite photo: ‘Fraternal socialist kiss between Lyudmila Brezhnev and Erica Honecker. 1979’ by Ana Amado. The jury pre-selected it among the finalists for its powerful recreation of a historical moment to point out the yet present imbalance between men and women when we speak of leadership positions. The imageContinua a leggere “Ana Amado wins the Open Call!”

Image (4/4) by Chiara Fabbro

Dimitri was born as a boy in the small village of Skála Sikaminéas, in the Greek island of Lesvos, and at the age of 14 told her parents she was a girl. She struggled to be accepted throughout her life, and experienced tough times, as living in a mental institution during her childhood, and yearsContinua a leggere “Image (4/4) by Chiara Fabbro”

Image (3/4) Frijke Coumans

How do you think the image relates to these 3 keywords: Identity, Dialogues and Europe. This photo was made in a castle in Italy. For me it raises many questions about our European identity. The glittery pillowcase envelops what only serves as stuffing. The flag stripped of all its meaning serves exclusively as an aestheticContinua a leggere “Image (3/4) Frijke Coumans”

Image (2/4) by Mattia Marzorati

 Mattia Marzorati Context of the project: On 17th November 1989 the Head of State Todor Zivkov got expelled from the Bulgarian Communist Party. Bulgaria was thus on its way to the first democratic elections after almost half a century of Stalinist regime. Thirty years later the country is facing an unprecedented demographic crisis that isContinua a leggere “Image (2/4) by Mattia Marzorati”

Image (1/4) by Ana Amado

© Ana Amado Project title: “Lideresas (Female Leaders)” project by Ana Amado (2018-19) The enormous inequality between men and women, specially in positions of responsibility and leadership, remains overwhelming. Great strides have been made, but much remains to be done. This imbalance becomes even more evident in the older women, especially those over 65, theContinua a leggere “Image (1/4) by Ana Amado”

We received more than 800 submissions to the open call!

  The open call ended yesterday at 23.59 CET time. We have received more than 800 submissions, thank you all for sharing your stories. The Jury, formed by the four partner organisations, will pre-select 4 images and post them on the Instagram account of the project on November 25th. The audience will choose the winnerContinua a leggere “We received more than 800 submissions to the open call!”

2 more days to participate in the open call!

In less than 2 days the call will close and we encourage all young photographers out there to participate! We have received more than 650 images already from across all Europe, images of all kinds of styles: portraits, landscape, still lives, documentary series and much more. Have a look to some of them to getContinua a leggere “2 more days to participate in the open call!”

#IdentityDialoguesEurope – apply now!

© Sanne De Wilde / NOOR HOW TO PARTICIPATE* Any citizen from or living in Europe is welcome to participate by submitting a photo on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #IdentityDialoguesEurope before November 13th, 2019, 11.59pm. On November 25th, 2019, among all submitted images, the jury will pre-select four winning photos and post themContinua a leggere “#IdentityDialoguesEurope – apply now!”

Open Call #IdentityDialoguesEurope

What defines what Europe is? What makes someone or something European? The partners of the project will launch an open call during SI-FEST to invite every local or newcomer European citizen to explore the concept of Identity, Dialogue and Europe through visual storytelling on social media. Keep an eye on the blog because very soonContinua a leggere “Open Call #IdentityDialoguesEurope”

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